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Doctor’s Corner: Importance Of Pre-Season Medical Examination

This is a topic we discussed in detail on the 5th FHNS Sports Medicine Zoom Series last weekend.

It’s important to highlight some few aims of screening Athletes before they engage in Training or Competitive season.

Aims at preventing sudden death, a common phenomenon that has been happening in sports.

Aim to ensure optimal medical Health (asthma, Diabetes, heart disease, cancers etc).

Aims to ensure optimal health of the body’s muscles and bones (musculoskeletal system).

Aims at optimizing performance through looking at the Nutritional deficits of the Athlete, Psychological aspects and the Athletes biomechanics.

Aims at preventing Injury by discovering risk factors and dealing with them early on.

Aims to review any medications and vaccinations administered to the Athlete. This is to know the Athletes drug history.

Aims at collecting baseline data for the Athlete( Blood tests, Neuropsychological Testing in games such as contact sports). Athlete data promotes the promotion of fairness in Sports through ensuring that they are clean of banned substances especially by World Anti doping Agency.

During screening, Athletes can be educated on their weaknesses that they need to work on for example when functional tests are done. This establishes weak areas of the musculoskeletal system that need to be worked on in addition to the rest in order to perfect their performance.

Aerobic tests, strength and power tests also provide a baseline on how the training program can be formulated to benefit the Athletes and promote sports performance.

The Author is Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company.

THE FHNS brand provides sports medicine like injury management and REHABILITATION services, injury Prevention programs and performance enhancing services to Athletes from all sports disciplines in Uganda, East Africa and around the world through its Physical and online medical Platforms.

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