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Doctor’s Corner: Mechanism Of Injury Of Anterior Cruciate Ligaments

I have humbly shared some photos just to help provide a visual elaboration on how Athletes sustain ACL Injuries.

If you keenly go through the visuals,they also try to emphasize the Importance of hip stabilizers and the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) especially the vastus medialis in promoting knee strength through limiting medial deviation of the femur when landing.

One also tried to highlight the acute cases caused by a knock from an opponent though a good thing to note critically is the direction of Force acting. Enables us to rule out involvement of other tissues such like the collateral ligaments (MCL and LCL so to speak).

Another one tries to bring into context why female Athletes are prone to sustaining ACL Injuries due to the anatomical anomaly in relation to male counterparts.

So implementing strengthening programs such as the FIFA 11+, Drop squats, Proprioceptive (Balance and Awareness) programs designed independently and Weight Training should be a good way in reducing the risk for sustaining ACL Injuries among Athletes.

The Author is Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company.

THE FHNS brand provides sports medicine like injury management and REHABILITATION services, injury Prevention programs and performance enhancing services to Athletes from all sports disciplines in Uganda, East Africa and around the world through its Physical and online medical Platforms.

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