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Interview: Macgyver On Dullah, Fahmy, Enabu and MJ

Paul ‘MacGyver’ Odong has picked some of the top individuals in his basketball career so far.

Odong recently ended his long career with Betway Power to join NBL’s newcomers Namuwongo Blazers.

In an interview with The-SportsNation, MacGyver has named Abdullah ‘Dullah’ Ramthan as his best teammateand branded Jimmy Enabu as his toughest opponent.

Paul ‘MacGyver’ Odong

SportsNation: Best Player Played With?
MacGyver: Abdullah ‘Dullah’ Ramathan, he was probably the most Calm player on the Ball, with very good vision and command on the Floor. The best part about his game where the assists.

Abdullah Ramthan going for a lay up against City Oilers. Monitor photo

SportsNation: Best Player Played Against
MacGyver: Jimmy Enabu, He has grown in the game to be the most agile player there is. His Afro basket ball experience also played a key role in where he is at the moment. Having lost four finals to the Oilers to me, he ranks as the toughest player.

SportsNation: Best Coach Played Under
MacGyver: Brian Wathum, because he is the only Coach that I won a championship with in Bushcourt.

SportsNation: Favourite Game ever player?
MacGyver: Zone 5, It’s just comes natural for me when it’s high level competitions. Usually play my best, and this is because such tournaments, there is usually a break off everything, especially work. So I get to concentrate.

Sportsnation: Funniest Moment You Will Never Forget?
MacGyver: Hehehhe.. It’s always Fun to watch two ‘little men’ hustle each other, so I will go with the battle between Fahmy Ssebatandira and Ronald Ssali. Ssali (Warriors) was among the hardest and most defensive players, but when it came to Fahmy (Power) it was always amazing to see them go at each other.

SportsNation: Your childhood hero when growing up?
MacGyver: Michael Jordan, Well its just the name we grew up hearing, and after watching most of his taped games. You get to realise he was actually the best there is.

SportsNation: Craziest Teammate Ever?
MacGyver: Guddi Naser and Ikong Joseph, there is always a doze of laughter when you are with either of them. They have a great sense of humour.

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