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Second Club Furious Over Onduparaka FC’s Transfer Business

Saviors FC have become the second club to show their discontent over Onduparaka FC’s transfer business in the ongoing window.

Saviors FC have joined Nebbi Central to cry foul, claiming that Onduparaka have signed their contracted players.

On August 26, Onduparaka unveiled Saviors FC duo Emmanuel Okech and Emmanuel Odur after they signed three and one-year contracts respectively.

Onduparaka has as well acquired former Saviors FC players Jasper Okello and Nelson Opiyo in this trabfer window.

“We have learnt unfortunately from the media that a few of our players have been unveiled as players of Onduparaka FC,” Saviors FC president Johnson Adupa Orec said.

“We cannot confirm anything, in fact we have not been contacted or offered a penny by Onduparaka.”

He however added:

“And yes, some of these players might have their contracts expiring soon but they should at least let us know and get released officially.

“If they decide to get released by FUFA, It is also okay because we know some of these clubs have people in high places in FUFA. But then this is not professional, you need to appreciate someone for their efforts in giving a player a platform to express their talent.”

President Adupa said that it was unfair for their players to go without the club receiving a single penny because they also paid for them to join his club.

“We paid some money to to Light Ss FC when we acquired Odur, likewise for Okello Jasper from Sansiro FC and also a good token for Opiyo to Patongo FC and these players know this clearly.

“As for Oketch, it is a wonderful opportunity if I signed you at the Big league when you haven’t played competitive football before.”

He said that its “absurd” for a club like Onduparaka to unveil players without negotiating with the parent club.”

Nebbi Central FC also accused Onduparaka FC of signing Jerry Jakisa without their consent.

Earlier, Onduparaka FC also accused Express FC of unveiling Abel Eturude who is still contracted with the West Nile Giants.

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