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Majida Nantanda On Why Women Footballers Retire At Early Age

Former Crested Cranes coach and CAF Instructor Majida Nantanda has revealed some of the reasons why most women in Ugandan football leave at an early stage.

Majida who retired from active football in 2010, played with the likes of Oliver Mbebeka, Annet Nakimbugwe, Faridah Bulega, Fatuma Luwedde among others.

While appearing on FUFA FM recently, Majida said that Women Football in Uganda still lacks competition and football here is still undergoing its first phase.

She explained that the Women divisions are mostly filled with Secondary schools while few Universities give bursaries to Women Footballers.

This, Majida says, that halt the players development after ending their secondary level.

Majida Nantanda. Courtesy photo

“It is so sad that our girls retire from active football at a tender age,” Nantanda said.

“This is so because right now Women football is still in its first phase; that is to say that football is still based in secondary schools.”

“For instance, schools like Ugandan Martyrs Rubaga, Rhines, Kawempe Muslims etc do offer busaries to girls who can play football which helps parents to benefit for over six years of education.

“After the six years at secondary level, since we have few Universities that have embraced Women football, the girls lose motivation and morale which forces them to put football aside.”

“In addition, there hasn’t been strong competition in Women football but at least things have improved, for example, during our generation we stopped playing active football in 2003 when we faced the Tanzania team.

“Since then, there was no active football competition up to 2009, and even in 2009, we just went to a junior team of under 20.”

Nantanda is a CAF instructor

Majida urged FUFA and other football stakeholders to continue promoting the Women’s game.

“The Federation and football stakeholders should be able to sensitize parents and players that football is now an employment not leisure activity,” she added.

“The club owners should also be able to pay these Women to continue motivating them.

“Lastly, these ladies in football should be ready to work extra harder, our ladies once praised by media coverage, they tend to loose it and think they have everything which end up costing them so they have to keep focused.”

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