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Doctor’s Corner: Importance of Recovery After Training, Competition

Importance of Recovery in Sports after Training and Competition

Athletes need time to recover from training and competition.

The ability to recover from the workout is as important as the workout so to speak because during rest, the body adapt to the stress placed upon them during these intense workouts sessions or Competition.

Rest also provides time for mental preparation and reflection.

During an intense workout while running, doing ball work or gym, the heart rate increases and that continues for a while after the workout before a stability state is re-established (Homeostatic state).

This depends on the intensity of the workout compared to the duration and so maximizing recovery processes after interval training like (HIIT), High Intensity Interval Training or (RCBT), Resistance Circuit Based Training, weight training or repeated sprint work and Sprint circuits is important.

Actively cooling down by jogging or walking is one Important form of recovery after an intense workout especially in preventing the potential for venous pooling.

Rhythmic Exercise increases blood flow through the veins and heart during recovery , speeding up lactate removal from blood.

Active recovery consisting of light to moderate cardio activity decreases blood lactic acid faster than complete rest or passive Recovery after an intense workout or Competition.

Activity during recovery also maintains circulation to the heart, liver and inactive muscles that are able to use lactic acid to synthesize glycogen.

Sleep, proper Nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits after intensive Training periods are also critical if an athlete is to get his body back to normal.

The Author is Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company.

THE FHNS brand provides sports medicine like injury management and REHABILITATION services, injury Prevention programs and performance enhancing services to Athletes from all sports disciplines in Uganda, East Africa and around the world through its Physical and online medical Platforms.

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