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Moses Magogo: FUFA Boss Accused Of Bribery

FUFA President, turned politician, Moses Magogo has been accused of bribery during the recent NRM Parliamentary primary elections.

Magogo was declared winner to carry the NRM flag for Budiope East Constituency when he received 79.6% of the votes last week.

Magogo who got 59,951 votes, beat incumbent Geoffrey Dhamuzungu who had 13,756 votes in a race that also had David Takozekibi, Mustafa Kalwaza and Suleiman Kirunda.

Representing Dhamuzungu, Ntende, Owor and Company Advocates have petitioned the NRM electoral commission.

The petition claims that the NRM Primaries for the Constituency MP (flag bearer) Budiope East Constituency were characterized by bribery, Violence, Intimidation and falsification of results.

“The results declared are not a true reflection of the will of the voters in Budiope East Constituency,” reads the petition.

“Our client is sure that the said elections as it was held is not the one envisaged and he out rightly rejects the results declared at Buyende.”

On Tuesday, appearing on NBS Political show, renown Politician Betty Nambooze Bakireke also accused Magogo, who was also hosted, of bribery.

In her allegations, Nambooze said that the FUFA boss gave out Gomesi Sh20,000 to all women in Budiope, Bicycles to all chairpersons, sh10,000 for each voter prior to the polls.

She claimed that Magogo spent over Sh4bn in two years for the NRM Primaries.

In his defence, the calm Magogo said that he did his homework very well and that he is aware of the problems the people of Budiope go through because its where he studied from.

It is said that there were organised gangs at polling stations.

The Petition from Dhamuzungu’s representatives has exposed the ‘dirty’ work;

(a) On the polling day, 4th September, 2020 our client’s agents and or well-wishers were reported that at all polling stations, the Voters were solicited with money and coupons (promissory Notes) that after lining up behind the candidate who was declared winner, they would receive money in exchange for casting their votes.

(b) At Kagulu and Irundu Sub Counties as well as Irundu Town Council, the petitioner’s agents were intimidated, the posters they held were removed from them. In other instances at the said polling stations, his agents’ appointment letters were confiscated from them and destroyed by the agents of Magogo. Rather curiously, security failed or neglected to intervene.

(c) At Kakungulu and Irundu sub counties as well as Irundu Town Council, the petitioner’s agents were denied access and signature to authenticate what is stated in the Declaration Forms that were used to by the District Registrar to tally the results. In the absence of the duly appointed agents’ participation in the process of tallying the voters, the result cannot be said to have been a genuine outcome or expression of the party members who voted on that day.

(d) At all polling stations including the petitioners village, the District movement chairperson Ziribasanga Robert, Biguyi Sharif LC III Chairman Bugaya was seen moving with a convoy of vehicles. At each of the polling stations he visited (along with the O/C operations for the district together with other persons in security gear with whom they moved from village) whipped voters and engaged in open scare mongering to anyone who resisted attempts at open bribery alongside the ultimatum to join the line of Magogo’s voters. Many voters especially women and youth were scared into not voting and beaten without any security support.

(e) At Kagulu and Irundu Sub counties as well as Irundu town council, the petitioner’s agents witnessed, from safe distances, the Presiding officers allowing underage persons as genuine voters. Babies carried on ladies backs were also included in the final numbers declared.

(f) Our client contends that according to the documented information in the number of Declaration Forms he has been able to obtain, the results as tallied are at total variance with the results that were declared by the district registrar. Further except for Ngando sub county, the other sub counties assistant registrars declined to tally the results at the sub county level claiming they had been ordered to deliver undeclared results to tally centre. In doing so, they gave room for the misdeclaration/deception about the outcome.

(g) A number of our client’s polling agents were arrested either from their homes or at a polling stations. The arrested persons were taken to Gwase Igwaya and Irundu Police Stations. Some were severely beaten and inured. Evidence on this is abundantly available. To date some of the 52 “arrested” individuals are still at those Police stations with the prospects of their immediate release ascertainable.

(h) It is pertinent to note that our client and some of his agents/supporters were chased away from their tally centre at the most critical time when the now contested tallying of votes was being conducted. At the said tallying, our client was denied the opportunity to verify the village Declaration Forms which were used to declare the results at the district. And, as stated earlier no copy of the official results have been availed to him as to date.

Brian Kawalya

Brian Kawalya

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