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A Breath Of Fresh Air – Dudus On Revamped Players Association

Daniel ‘Dudus’ Manoja has welcomed the ongoing initiative to revamp the Uganda Basketball Players Association (UBPA).

The Association was initially formed in 2011 before it became inactive later on.

Baby steps have already been taken to bring back the association and FUBA Technical Director Nicholas Natuhereza is confident that they will be good to go by the turn of the year.

“The idea of the Association is like a breath of fresh air for us,” Dudus told The-SportsNation. “We need a body that represents us directly at the table.”

Daniel Manoja Dudus

The new Nam Blazers signing is hopeful that the Association will solve some of the pressing challenges the players face.

“Players normally face a number of problems and can at times offer the best solutions hence the need for a platform for us to air our ideas and express our views,” the former JKL Dolphins Big man added.

“As the artists of the game, I think we can contribute much much more to the growth of the game, not only on the floor but also at the decision making level. You’ll be surprised by the ideas that the players have.”

“If the other stakeholders i.e Coaches and Referees have associations, then it is only healthy for us the Players to have one. All the players need is a voice that can be heard, a voice that is genuine, a voice of our own.”

Can the Uganda Basketball Players Association solve the problems facing players today?

Its equivalent in North America, the NBPA which has been in existence since 1954, has fought to ensure that the rights of NBA players are protected and assisted them in maximizing their opportunities and achieving their goals, both on and off the court.

Brian Kawalya

Brian Kawalya

Chief Sports Writer
Brian Kawalya is an Award winning Journalist, Director and Chief Sports Writer of The-SportsNation, covering top events and breaking some of the biggest stories.
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