Winnie Nabbaale: ‘Neglected’ Player In A Fix As Knee Injury Worsens

She Corporates player Winnie Nabbaale is fearing for the worst as her knee injury continues to worsen amidst club neglect.

Nabbaale has been nursing the injury since 2017 after a knock while playing for Devine Soccer Ministries.

The player joined She Corporates, a club that features in FUFA Women Super League, in 2019.

All seemed well until she again injured the same knee in a friendly with Lady Doves before league kickoff.

“It’s becoming worse,” a sorrowful Nabbaale confessed when contacted by The-SportsNation.

“I can be walking and all of sudden it locks, then after, I cannot straighten or lift it up. It literally stops functioning and cannot move an inch.

“It happens even when I try to stand up after a long seat, It just freeze. Pain.”

The player believes that the club has not done enough to support her through this trying times.

“The season that was cancelled, I was just given a knee cap and massage by the team doctor to play. It could only help for just one game or two and it locks again.

“There was a certain game when the Doctor told me the truth – ‘I will not manage your knee.'”

Nabbaale, who is currently pursuing a Diploma at MUBS in Computer Science, has been advised by her parents to leave football for good.

She adds: “I want to remain playing, I love football. Its just that I will need funds or right support from my team and go for surgery or medical checkup to solve this.”

Winnie Nabbaale. She Corporates.

Solomon, She Corporates team Doctor claims that the player was “doing fine” earlier when the league was ended due to Covid19 pandemic in March.

“It wasn’t worse by the time we broke off, may be she might have played with that leg again.

“I have to first see the current conditions to be able to tell the truth and decide on what can be done.”

When consulted more, Solomon could not specifically remember what type of injury Nabbale was suffering from!

Has The Club Done Enough?

She Corporates CEO Kawere was not aware of Nabbale’s injury but promised to make a follow up.

“This is just getting to my notice now,” Kawere told The-SportsNation. “I will consult the Manager, she left without injury that was known to me that was severe.”

She Corporates coach Ali Zzinda revealed that she was aware of Nabbale’s situation.

“Before joining us, she told me about her problem and she has been getting help, that’s why she managed to play in all the games. She was okay including the last one before the League was called off due to Covid19 meaning she was fine when the League was called off,” Zzinda said.

“But as you know it’s hard for footballers to just sit home when there’s a chance or opportunity to play so may be her old injury re-occured again because like a fort night ago she told me about feeling some pain in the knee.

“I advised her to keep icing it and informed the manager about her problem but of course you know someone can ask a question what happened when we have not playing?? And given the fact that the pandemic shook so many people, logistics now are so scarce.

“I speak to her almost everyday and when i ask she says “Am fine coach.”


Doctor Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company, when consulted by The-SportsNation about the matter, suspected an ACL.

“There might be a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee,” Otuuk said.

“However, its hard to conclude unless I get to see her physically; then send her for imaging and I get a proper plan.

“It must be very serious, in most cases it might be a grade two or three.

“It might be Osteoarthritis (OA) which is a most common type of arthritis, when a knew gives way. It happens when there is a repeated damage on the joints due to wear and tear because of that instability.”

Doctor Otuuk says that Nabbale will have to take an MRI scan to make a confirmatory diagnosis.

Brian Kawalya

Brian Kawalya

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