UPL Forms Sacco To Rescue Players

Uganda Premier League has formed a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO) as they move to aid players during and after their active days.

This, was revealed during the FUFA Super League Limited Annual General Meeting held in Mukono on Saturday.

UPL Chairman Arinaitwe Rugyendo said that the SACCO will help in promoting the welfare of the players both economically and socially.

“It was a good turn up, many club chairpersons attended and those who failed, sent their respective representatives,” Rugyendo said after the meeting in Mukono.

“We exchanged good ideas and a lot has been suggested.

“We have formed a new SACCO, and I encourage players to come and join. We feel its very important especially for the active players.

“They can borrow money and go start businesses.
Many players always end up poor after misusing their money they receive from clubs.

“With this SACCO, they (players) can use the money later on in the long on and can start other businesses thereafter.”

FUFA third Vice president Hon Nakiwala Kiyingi expressed her excitement about the new idea and commanded the AGM for passing the resolution.

Nakiwala said that she believed that a SACCO was a missing link to get the players to their right destination.

“As we talk today, financing is becoming key in football management,” Nakiwala, who also represents Clubs on UPL board, said. “Presently, its not easy to access any easier money without interests and security.”

The former Express FC Chairperson and Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs pledged to be one of the members to subscribe to and support the new initiative.

She tasked the UPL to come up with the sketch of the SACCO in the coming months so that the focus is not lost.

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