Masaza Awaits FUFA Clearance On Selected Venues

Masaza Cup committee is awaiting clearance from FUFA on the selected stadiums to be used for this year’s long-awaited tournament.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the tourney will not be held on a home and away basis unlike previous editions.

In a bid to fulfill the guidelines set by the Government on Sports Resumption, the committee has selected stadiums where the tourney will be held and forwarded the list to FUFA for approval.

“We picked those Stadiums that are well built where it is easy to restrict fans from attending the games,” Chairman Suleiman Ssejjengo has revealed.

“We also looked at the close proximity between the stadium and nearby hotels. We wanted venues that can house at least four teams in the locality which is not more than 2km from the stadium.

“We also considered Security in the area and nearby hospitals in case of an emergency.”

Ssejjengo did not reveal the names of the selected Stadiums submitted to FUFA but sources have said that about seven venues are on the list including Masaka Recreation stadium, the home of Buddu.

The tourney that was initially supposed to kick off in June, is projected to start in November.

Ssejjengo added: “After FUFA clearance, we shall talk with Masaza Chairpersons and other stakeholders, we get their ideas and input before we release the fixtures.”

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