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We Had 30-page Scouting Report On South Sudan – Mckinstry

Uganda Cranes Coach Jonathan Mckinstry has revealed that they had done their homework right on South Sudan despite the loss.
The gaffer has also taken full responsibility for the Cranes AFCON qualifier loss on Monday.

Uganda Cranes suffered a 1-0 loss to South Sudan thanks to Tito Okello who converted from the in 35th minute.
The goal, is the first the Cranes have conceded in the ongoing qualification campaign.  

“We weren’t good enough and I take full responsibility for that as a coach, you know we plan for the games we train, so players and coaching staff do the best to implement the game plan that I set for them, so I have to go back and look at what am doing and make sure that we give players what they need in order to go and perform,” Mckinstry said.

The Cranes suffered a huge blow at the half-hour mark when Midfielder Khalid Aucho was sent off.

“Before the red card, I just don’t think that we moved the ball faster enough and that was a key thing but after the red card you have to change things around and we went to three-at-the-back which is something Uganda has never played and I think the boy did everything they could but am the person ultimately responsible for what players do.

“I know they work hard to up a show that people want but today we failed short, so we got to go back and i got to look into ourselves,” he added.
Mckinstry went ahead to express how serious they took the game in terms of preparations.

“We took this much serious, we prepared seriously for it, nobody can say that we were casual about our preparations but for whatever reason we have not got right and congratulations to South Sudan, we had a 30-page scouting report done on  South Sudan, every single South Sudanese player had video report, technical and tactical analysis done on them.

“We looked at South Sudan the same way we would look at Burkina Faso, Egypt or Nigeria so our approach and preparations to the game didn’t change but the execution was not good enough and I understand if we get results like this for Uganda its not good enough and we apologize for that for the people back home in Uganda they deserve better.”

In the other group game, Burkina Faso played a goalless draw with hosts Malawi.

He stated about the result: “We have to consider ourselves hugely lucky because we already know the results from the other first game and I think someone up in the sky is looking down on us because we are still there in the conversation but we have got two huge games now.

“There has been some big games for Uganda in the last few years in terms of qualification but now we are very very fortunate with the results in the other game and we haven’t been seriously punished here because we would have been on a life support if the other results went badly for us,  thankfully we are still getting a beating heart and I know these guys are going to fight back and its about myself and the coaching staff to find the right Combination to win the games we need to win.

Cranes remains in 2nd position of Group B with 7 points behind Burkina Faso who now lead the group with 8 points.

Malawi are third with 4 points while South Sudan remain rooted to the bottom with four points.
The Cranes will face Burkina Faso (Home) and Malawi (Away) next year in March in the remaining AFCON Qualifiers games.

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