Mujib Lifts Lid On Criticism Against Bebe Cool’s Son Alpha Ssali

Proline FC chairman Mujib Kasule has defended coach Morley Byekwaso’s decision to name Alpha ‘Thierry’ Ssali in the Uganda U20 senior team, the Hippos.

Alpha, the son to renown artist Bebe Cool, is part of Uganda Hippos team playing at the ongoing CECAFA U20 Championship in Arusha, Tanzania.

Since the initial squad was summoned, Alpha has been at the end of negative criticism from the most of the fans.

Kasule says that the criticism are just ‘political’ since Bebe Cool has turned into a renown supporter of the NRM regime of President Museveni.

“Alpha is judged because of his father Bebe Cool took a certain line of politics which is hated by some of the people, so they transfer that anger over him and so his Son,” Kasule said on Record Radio.

“But that’s wrong in human nature because this is just a child who has a totally different thinking from that of his father according to us who know him.”

Rising Star: Alpha ‘Thierry’ Ssali training at Lugogo. John Batanudde photo

Kasule said that the criticism is unfair and uncalled for, since the child has the capabilities and credentials, and is on the team on merit.

Alpha is a graduate of Proline academy, and Kasule has been a great pillar in his rise.

“Bebe Cool brought Alpha when he was three and half years, he wanted him to be a footballer not a musician, just like any parent, he also had a dream,” Mujib added.

“We wish our children the best, no parent want his mistakes, conflicts and differences with other people to be judged against his/her child.

“Alpha is now 16 and as we talk now, he is the team captain of Proline FC U17 team and he has been playing in the U17 league since when he was 13 years.

“Another thing, in April this year, we promoted Alpha to the senior team, and promoting someone in the senior team, it doesn’t mean that he is so exceptional but it means that he is on the right development path, so he deserves to be given a chance to go on with learning.

“So, its not an accident to be on U20 squad and its not about his father, he fits to be there, it was not about ‘bribe’ because no one bribed us to promote him.”

Alpha Oyee? The youngster in National colours.

Kasule says that Alpha has many photos of Rio Ferdinand and Samuel E’to which is a sign of inspiration.

He added that people have put him on pressure because of his father “and the worst thing, 99% of those judging him they have never seen him play.”

Alpha Ssali’s mum, Zuena Kirema, received social media attack:

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