FUFA Defers Kawooya’s ‘Controversial’ Exit From Vipers

FUFA has finally put off Andrew Kawooya’s controversial move from Vipers to KCCA FC.

The teenage midfielder was unveiled by KCCA FC as their new signing in September this year.

In dramatic turn of events, Vipers SC reiterated and said that the 17-year old is still their player and petitioned the Federation.

The FUFA Dispute Resolution Chamber has ruled that ruled that Kawooya shall only exercise his right to seek the registration to a club of his choice after the 23rd January 2021 which is the day his youth Agreement with Vipers SC expires.

The Federation has also warned KCCA FC against engaging minor players without prior consent from their Mother clubs in accordance.

The attacking midfielder signed a binding contract at Kitende when he moved from Dynamic SS to St Mary’s Kitende in 2018.

Verdict By Fufa Dispute Resolution Chamber:


  1. The Player together with his guardian signed a youth agreement with Vipers SC for the duration of six (6) years instead of three (3) years contrary to Article 21 of the RSTP. It should be noted however, that the longer term duration does not invalidate
    the entire contract as only the clause referring to a longer duration is the one considered null and void. Accordingly, the three –year term stipulated in Article 21(D) of the FUFA RSTP comes to an end on the 23rd January 2021.

  1. Article 21(B)(i) provides. “A player transferring from a FLFA shall be authorized by the Mother Club.” further, clause (v) states, “It is prohibited for players registered with one FLFA to make contact by training or playing with another FLFA or Club without the written consent of the FLFA that owns these players. Any party that contravenes this provision shall be liable to disciplinary Action.”

From the facts at hand, the Player, his guardian and KCCA seem to have acted in bad faith vis-à-vis Vipers SC.

On one side, the Player and his guardians never made known to Vipers SC about their desire to register for another club.

On the other side, KCCA FC never made any effort to seek formal authorization from the player’s mother club.

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