KCCA FC CEO Anisha Muhoozi says that the club is “saddened” by the cancellation of their first leg game with AS Kigali.

On Wednesday, CAF awarded Kigali a 2-0 win few hours to kickoff of their game with KCCA FC after the Ugandan club failed to raise a minimum number of players to play the game due to Covid19.

KCCA FC were largely hit by Covid19 and had to leave coach Mike Mutebi, three goalkeepers among other players behind for the Rwanda trip.

Muhoozi confirmed that KCCA travelled with only 15 players, which is just above the minimum requirements as per Caf guidelines for any match to happen.

“In absence of a goalkeeper, we obtained exceptional approval from CAF to convert one player into a goalkeeper for this leg only prior to our travel.

“For any person to travel out of the country, a negative Covid certificate is needed. Note that this information is loaded on one generic ministry of Health website and assessed by all. Verification at Entebbe for all is done through this website and as such, when you have tested positive, you are not allowed to travel and this information is readily available to all authorized parties.

KCCA FC travelled to Kigali on Sunday and had to test again, but were later told that two of their players were positive.

The CAF Covid guidelines state that a team that is unable to field 15 players automatically loses the leg by 2:0.

“Caf allowed 40 players to be registered however for any Caf registeration, you require a local license and FUFA only permitted us to register 32 players out of the 40 allowable players,” Muhoozi added.

“Upon arrival at Rwanda, a Covid test was carried out and results were only obtained yesterday. Another test as per CAF guidelines was also carried out prior to the match. This should be 48hrs before a Caf match, this is the one whose results came back and we had two players down, this left us with 13 players only which is against the Caf rules.

“We wrote to Caf seeking exceptional approval to play with 13 players and their decision was that we do not have the required no of players and as such we lose the match by 2:0.”

The return leg is due January 5/6 in Kampala and KCCA will be hoping to overturn the deficit for a place in the next round.


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