Taekwondo: ITF Uganda Lauds Master Niklas Enander

The International Taekwondo Federation in Uganda (ITFU) has come out to commend Master Niklas Enander for his continued support for the sport in the country.

This was during a press conference held at Sofia’s Restaurant in Kamwokya on Saturday, January 09.

Enander is Taekwondo’s Country Manager in Uganda and also a Board member on East African association who also has attained seven degrees in the sport.

The Swedish-born comes to the country twice every year but due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, he has made only one visit to the nation in the last 12 months.

On his visits, Enander brings donations to the ITFU which include gear to help in training and competitions. This time round, he also brought a Scanner and three Laptops so as to ensure the administration work goes smoothly.

He also helps prepares the Ugandan teams to prepare for different competitions as he is the coordinator for the sport in Uganda.

What they said:

Robert Ojambo, Board Member-International Taekwondo Federation Uganda

“As ITF Uganda, we have now resumed our journey after a difficult 2021.

“We have started our activities and had four seminars already in Kampala and Up country. We also had country tours to see how our clubs are doing and during the tours, the clubs received their donations.

“I call upon all Ugandans not to relax, continue preparing for the upcoming events.”

Enander said:

“It is sad that i have come in Uganda only once this time round due to the current COVID-19 situation.

“We have had four seminars already since I came which were very successful.

“I have brought several equipment so as to help Uganda maintain the growth of the sport because it is important to have protection so as not to get injured during the sport.

“It is not easy to run the sport so i urge the government to come in and help Taekwondo grow.”

Uganda took part in the last Taekwondo World Championships event in Germany where they sent only a single competitor and Ojambo as the coach.

This year, Uganda is preparing for both local and international events.

ITFU has come out to announce that they will host Clubs Competition along with a Hero’s Cup which they usually organise to appreciate those who have made a telling contribution to the sport in Uganda.

There will also be a National Championship and the East African Open which will be held in Uganda.

On the International scene, Uganda hopes to take part in both the African championships in Ethiopia and the World’s events to be held in Finland.

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