I Am Not Fighting Magogo – Mike Mutyaba

Former Uganda Cranes and KCCA FC forward Mike Mutyaba says his not fighting FUFA boss Moses Magogo nor pursuing a FUFA seat.

Mutyaba, speaking on Monday, says that he is rather fighting for transparency and wants the players paid for their services.

He made the remarks in a press conference he held at Old Kampala Police station where he had returned after being released on bond.

The soft spoken star was beaten at FUFA and later detained on Friday as he staged a peaceful demonstration at the FUFA head office in Mengo.

“Truth is that I am in pain, my body still hurts,” Mutyaba narrated. “I was beaten by FUFA security guards, my right arm has swollen and my back is paining as well.”

Mutyaba has been very vocal especially on social media where he has put many posts demanding FUFA to pay arrears of Uganda Cranes players.

“In Football, players are the number one stakeholder. We need everyone but mainly the players. Stakeholder number one should be given priority. There is a lot of pain these players are going through,” he added.

“But these players fear to speak out for various reasons, including that they might not be summoned to the national team again.”

“We are not fighting anyone. We are not fighting Magogo, we want change in the way things are done. We don’t need jobs at FUFA, we need transparency in the way money is being paid to the players

“This isn’t a war because we aren’t fighting anyone but transparency is all and we won’t stop until players receive their money. This may also be the reason as to why our performance has declined in the past.

“We are not laying down tools until the players are paid. I have not done anything wrong, Am a former player who knows what they go through. Many are there hurt and have been threatened. They fear for their careers but for me I have nothing to lose.”

On being arrested and spending nights behind bars, Mutyaba says that he is a law abiding citizen but it beat his understanding to be charged despite not breaking any law.

He added that he will take a step further if the FUFA security guards don’t come out to apologise. He commented: ” I haven’t charged them in courts of law because I’m one person who wants a dialogue because we all make mistakes. If they accept their mistakes I’m fine with them but if they fail I will take the next step.”

“They beat me after receiving a call from their bosses, meaning that they were just influenced. I won’t say that the call was from Magogo but we all saw that phone call implying there was an oder to beat me.”

Mutyaba says they are giving the Federation just one week to apologize for Magogo’s “shitty” remarks and also show proof of payments to the players as they ‘falsely’ claim.

“Failure to do the above, we are going to courts. All we need is unity and if FUFA fails to pay players we are going to strike as many times.”

Mutyaba also revealed that he has been threatened with many calls from unknown sources who are threatening hurt or takeaway his life.

FUFA boss Magogo recently said that CHAN players played ‘shitty football’ and do not have a right to demand for money.

Mutyaba, speaking about the issue, says that the remarks were uncalled for before stating that he has received backing from some Uganda Cranes players.

On Saturday, captain Denis Onyango was heard in a recording rubbishing Magogo’s remarks adding that he will not honour the World Cup Qualifiers.

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