Ndejje Open To Mark Return Of Local Volleyball

In the bid to play Volleyball under a huge stain of COVID-19, the Local Organising committee has earmarked the Ndejje Open Championship as the pilot competition for return to play.

The development was reached-at during Saturday’s meeting that convened the Uganda Volleyball Federation Secretariat and Local tournament Organising committee.

Volleyball was last played at the 2020 Ndejje Open in March before the deadly COVID-19 reared in it’s ugly head. The pandemic forced Government of Uganda, in deseprate bid to curb the spread of the virus, to institute a total lockdown on the entire sporting activities and Volleyball wasn’t spared either.

However, following gradual return of sporting events, Volleyball has decided to follow suit and coincidently the Ndejje Open will mark to return to play.

Host Ndejje University have developed stringent SOPs to be followed during the championship.

“Considering that we are in a University set-up and our regulations have already been tested on the students, it’s clear that we will hold a perfect tournament.” Said Tadeo Winyi, the LOC Chairperson.

Uganda Police will be on ground to implement some of these SOP’s together with host Ndejje University.

“We have assessed what Ndejje has prepared in regards to compliances and indeed we are convinced that they are ready to host.” Said Abdallah Kigundu, Vice president Uganda Volleyball Federation.
UVF Chief Nasiwu also reiterated the need to return to play.

“We have to start playing, the SOPs can be followed and the meeting gave us a perfect way to return to play.” Said Nasiwu.
Hosts Ndejje Elites are the Women’s defending Champions.

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