FUFA Allows Five Clubs To Change Names, Three Rejected

In a bid to rebrand their respective clubs, eight clubs had written to the Football governing body FUFA to give them the go ahead to change their names.

Among the key decisions that were passed during the 24th FUFA EXCOM meeting held on 30th April 2021, the issue of those clubs changing names was also tackled.

Out of the eight clubs that requested, only five were successful while 3 were denied due to reasons best known by FUFA.

The five that were given the green light

-Busitema University FC from Soroti in the North East Region changed to Ateker FC.

-Bumadu United FC changed to Bundibugyo United FC located in Bundibugyo in Kitara region.

-Volcop Lions FC now Fort City FC in Kabarole, Kitara region.

-Pepsi FC changed to Pentecostal University FC in Kabarole, Kitara region.

-Kiryandongo TC FC located in Kiryandongo, Kitara region is now Kiryandongo United FC.

The three Clubs whose requests to change names were turned down are include;

-Asingya FC located in Kasese in Kitara region who wanted to change to Rufura Proline Bwara FC.

-Lugazi Municipal FC to Lugazi Sports Club in Buikwe in Buganda region.

-Kampala University FC to Lugazi FC located in Buikwe in Buganda region.

FUFA Rules On Club Name Change

1 – Change of club name shall be in accordance with FUFA regulations on club ownership.

2 – A Club competing in any one of the FUFA Competitions as defined in Art 2(9) shall not be permitted to change its playing name (i.e. the name under which the Club competes in a Competition), as recorded in Form F101 and Form F901, save with prior written permission of the FUFA Executive Committee.

3 – Any application for a change of playing name must be received by the FUFA CEO before 1st April in any calendar year in order for it to be considered for adoption in the following season. The FUFA Executive Committee will use its discretion in deciding whether to approve a change in a Club’s playing name.

4 – Notwithstanding the provisions of Art 11(2) above, no change of name shall be permitted in situations of an acquisition or takeover that compromises the sporting integrity of football competitions.

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