Peninah Kabenge: AUUS Needs To Get A Home

The Association of Uganda University Sports (AUUS) president Peninah Kabenge has vowed to get her association it’s own home so that they host every sport.

She made these remarks during an interview with NTV after she was re-elected as the AUUS president for another four years.

“The Association is a multisport and if we get our own home we can host every federation or games”.

Kabenge, the Makerere University principal sports tutor, believes that even if they don’t achieve it in her manifesto this term but her successors will have where to start from and finish the project.

“Those are some of the dreams we want to achieve in this new term”, “even if we don’t complete the task at least when we start it, our successors will have were to start from.” She Continued.

The head of Sports and Recreation department at Makerere University also plans to add more games to the already existing ones in order to boost players by 2024.

“Another plan is to extend or increase on the number of games played compared to the ones we have now.

“That’s why we made a bid to host weight lifting and mind sports in 2024 to be here in Kampala.”

“We want to make sure that by 2024 our players are superstars”, some would say that why do we bid for the games we don’t know but the answer is that’s the only we can learn it.”

Peninah Kabenge returned as the AUUS president after she went unopposed in the just concluded association elections for another four terms.

Kabenge has been at the helm for the last four terms as this term will be her last.

The Association of Uganda University Sports (AUUS), formerly the National University Sports Federation of Uganda (NUSFU) was formed in 1992 by four higher institutions of learning namely Makerere, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo, Islamic University in Uganda.

For the years of existence, AUUS has organised a number of inter University games hosted by member institutions including Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Mbarara University of Science & Technology, Islamic University In Uganda, Ndejje University, Nkumba University, and Uganda Christian University.

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