FUFA Elections: Ssewanyana Asks For Leeway, Claims 2012 Code Is Void

FUFA presidential aspirant Hon Allan Ssewanyana has asked the Electoral Commission to allow him submit his papers despite missing few qualifications.

Ssewanyana was initially given five more days, as he had asked, before handing in the nomination forms when he claimed that he had not recieved enough time to fill the gaps.

As expected, the Makindye West MP confidently returned the papers on Monday at 2pm at FUFA house in Mengo but with some signatures still missing.

The document submitted by Ssewanyana from his Lawyers of Mulindwa advocates, says in brief:

The said Electoral Code 2012 as (amended) by FUFA were out of a meeting dated 28th December 2012 which constitutional court declared FUFA an illegal entity and therefore all its subsequent and prior laws are null and void until registration under NCS regulations No. 38 of 2014.

Therefore the said Electoral Code statutes are not binding to the Electoral Process FUFA Presidency.

The requirement under the electoral code are not binding on all contestants and we pray our client is nominated without due regard to them.”

Escorted by his lawyer, Ssewanyana said that the Electoral Code that is being followed during the process is null and void.

In an interview with The-SportsNation, the ‘Musajja wa Bwiino’ stated:

“I was required to bring my nomination papers today, I consulted my lawyers to look into the laws that guide us into the electoral process and some of these laws were passed in 2012 way before 2014 when the new regulation was signed and the NCS act was made in 2014 where each federation had to align itself with the rules that do govern this nation of which FUFA did.

“But amongst those laws in the electoral code, there are those that do call for the same environment before FUFA was affiliated to NCS. So they are not binding and they are the ones being used to nominate us.

“So we have asked the Electoral Commission to give us that space and leeway to present my papers as they are and be nominated so long as I have those few qualifications that are required by NCS act of 2014 to be the leader of the Federation that govern Sports in this Country.

“We are trying to ask for that leeway and we expect them to reply us as soon as possible to continue with the Electoral process and they should give us the due fairness that we wish because they told us as the Elctoral committee that they are too fair.”

Ssewanyana’s lawyer Allan Mulindwa said:

“There was a constitutional petition which was filed in 2013, petition number 22 and in that there was an interim order which was granted that no Sports Federation should call itself or hold out as a National Association of this country then. Reason being is that there was a lakooner in establishing who was the rightful sports association. And Government was given task that they should come out with the Sports regulations before anybody calls themselves a Sports Association.

“So, these Electoral Code we are looking at were made in 2012, meaning that all the things which were done by FUFA limited then which were not in tandem with Sports regulation in 2014 are null and avoid so is the Electoral Code law as amended that is being used to ask for requirements to hand in.”

The Elective 97th FUFA Ordinary General Assembly will be held on Saturday 21st August 2021 in Mbale at Wash and Wills Hotel in the Eastern Region.



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