We Have Reached The Climax Of Chaos In Ugandan Football – Mujib

Mujib Kasule says Ugandan football has reached its climax in terms of the chaos at the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA).

The Proline FC director who last week, withdrew from the race to become the next FUFA President, also insists that football in Uganda is in dare need of another direction if it’s development is to continue.

Speaking on NTV The Press box on Monday, the Proline Director said that he is fighting for the game and he only wants to see it going forward by running it the right way.

“For me my fight is not with any person. I fight for football. Mujib said.

“If people have been following me in the game since I was a kid and since I started getting a voice, I have always fought for the game”.

“I want the game to be run the right way. I want us to have value traditions so am always fighting for the game and in trying to change leadership am continuing with the mission of trying to make sure that we get another direction.”

Jiba, like he is commonly known, also said that football needs formatting and when you lose the dressing room in football then you need to step down.

“At the moment and in my experience our game needs a reset”.

“It needs another direction because we have reached the climax of the chaos.”

“When you see football players and their leaders exchanging very big words and losing respect for each other, then you know you have lost the dressing room.

“In football when you lose the dressing room you go so that’s why we are seeing former players jailed, they are being beaten only because they voice their concerns.”

Mujid Kasule didn’t hesitate to also credit the incumbent Moses Magogo for what he has done to date.

However, Jiba says Magogo needs to leave because he has stayed long.

“Yes we have had some great achievements under the incumbent and we need to give him credit for that but if you stay long in sports you lose direction naturally it’s like that.”

“I have nothing against the him but for me, i will fight for the game for as long as I have the energy. I’m so passionate about the sport that makes me feel am Mujib because I have been in this game since I was 8 years old and for me I like to witness it going forward so I will continue to fight for it.”

“It doesn’t matter which position in football I have, I can serve in any position. I resigned from the executive as the vice president because the rule stipulated so. I have resigned from big places so I can serve anywhere.

“In my Football Club, on Saturday, I am at the academy and I collect the balls but yet I own the academy.”

“For now I have offered myself because I think I have the football agenda that resonant with what we have in the ground.”

Following his withdrawal from the race, it remains to be seen what Mujib’s next course of action will be.

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