Rules Are Okay But Magogo Manipulates Them – Mujib On FUFA Presidential Nominations

Proline FC Director Mujid Kasule says the rules that permit one to contest for the FUFA presidency do not have any problem but the incumbent Moses Magogo manipulates them.

Last week Mujid withdrew from the race after failing to beat the deadline of two days that had been given to him to return the nomination forms.

He said that he failed to collect the necessary signatures that would enable him to get nominated.

While speaking on NTV Press box on Monday, Jiba as he is commonly known added that he possesses everything that constitutionally allows him to stand for the football governing body presidency.

“If you have been around football you know that if you are locked out, somehow you always finds a way. Mujib said.

“One thing I want to emphasize is the regulation. The rules are okay but the incumbent manipulates them and those are two different things.

“The Constitution says for one to stand for the FUFA Presidency, you need to have an Advance Level of Education certificate and Mujib is a graduate. You need to be between 30 and 70 am in that age bracket. You need to have been in top-football management for 7 years in the last 10 and I have more than that.”

The former FUFA Vice President added that he is not against nomination process but it’s very difficult to get signatures from the Magogo’s employees yet the constitution doesn’t stop one from asking for them.

“Do not ask me to go to your employees to ask for the signatures when you know they cannot give them to me because you have already manipulated them.”

“The people who manipulate the rules are the ones i have issues with and the incumbent clearly does that. He then stresses that these rules have been there for a while and I (Mujib) was part of the team that put them in play.

“Yes it is true but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the rules we made but the manipulation of the process is the concern.

According to Mujid, the FUFA President is behind everything that is passed by the executives and assembly hence the manipulation of the rules.

“The challenge we have with this administration is that the change of rules starts with the Executive. The Executive proposes most of the changes and Magogo chairs it.

Mujib emphasises that the rules should be in place but there should be fair competition.

“For me am saying that rules should be in place but if there’s no good will for fair competition, for inclusiveness then we cannot go anywhere.”

Currently, only Allan Ssewanyana is in line to stand against Magogo who stood unopposed in both 2013 and 2017.

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