Magogo Nominated Unopposed, Set for Third Term As FUFA President

Moses Magogo has been nominated unopposed as the FUFA Electoral Committee declared the final candidates for the coming Polls.

The FUFA Electoral Committee confirmed that only incumbent Magogo returned the nomination forms of the three aspirants.

Mujib Kasule failed to get the required signatures while Allan Ssewanyana, even after he had a five-day extension granted, brought back a petition asking to be allowed to stand minus meeting the requirements.

EC chairman Mathias Bwire declared: “By the powers entrusted to FUFA Electoral Committee, we hereby declare Hon Moses Magogo and his Executive members as duly nominated with all requirements provided as the FUFA Electoral Code and statutes.”

This means that Magogo will be seeking a third term in office ahead of the Polls due August 21 in Mbale City.

Magogo will therefore need at least 50 percent-plus-one, which is 45 votes from the 88, to be announced the next FUFA President.

The MP came into office in 2013 and was successfully re-elected in 2017 for second term.

Where Did It Go Wrong For The Rest?

The other aspirants Mujib Kasule and Allan Ssewanyana have cried foul. The duo have blamed a strict and unfair FUFA Electoral Process.

The eligibility criteria to become the FUFA president is defined by the Electoral code and the FUFA Statutes.

For any person to be eligible for the candidature of the FUFA President, he must served in one or a combination of any of the following positions for a total of at least 7 years in the last 10 years;
a) Executive Committee Member of CECAFA, CAF, FIFA
b) Executive Committee Member of FUFA
c) Chief Executive Officer /General Secretary of FUFA
d) FIFA Accredited Administration Instructor
e) Chairman of a Member of FUFA

Kasule meets the above while there are many questions for Ssewanyana at the other end.

However, after the two picked the nomination forms their biggest undoing was to get the required signatures before taking them back.

The other hurdle is that, one’s candidature is only valid if supported by any three members of FUFA where one such member is from the FUFA Super League Clubs or FUFA Big League. The other being a member from Special interest groups as defined by Article 10 in the FUFA Statutes and the other member being a FUFA Regional Football Association.

Kasule, on the day he was supposed to return the forms to FUFA house in Mengo, called the press conference and stated that he had failed to get the needed signatures due to Magogo’s tricks.

Jiba, as known in football circles, stated that its difficult to get these signatures from the delegates because they are Magogo’s loyals.

In fact, Jiba claimed that Magogo had already got signatures from all delegates which meant that they could not nominate any other candidate.

The two have earlier stated that they will be seeking powers above for justice.



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