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Ssekitoleko Spends Night In Custody, Mother Makes Shocking Revelations

Embattled Ugandan Weighlifter Julius Ssekitoleko’s troubles keep piling each passing day.

Ssekitoleko has spent a night at Jinja Road Police station.

Ssekitoleko who wore a troubled face as he checked in at Entebbe International Airport on Friday, spent over two hours in the interrogation room at the Airport.

He was later whisked away to CID Headuarters in Kibuli.

Juliet Nalwadda, Ssekitoleko’s mother has traversed a number of Police Stations but has not managed to see her son.

“It’s too absurd that I haven’t been granted any opportunity to speak to my son,” started the Mother in a phone interview with The-SportsNation.

“He tried to call me at the airport but just told me ‘mum they’re taking me to unknown destination’ and they removed a phone from him.

“I have been told that Government will first take Ssekitoleko for a blood check up and his mental status.”

It is not yet known which charges are to be placed on Ssekitoleko by government.

“I ask the Government to forgive my son because in life we all commit mistakes. I also humbly ask the Government to help him rehabilitate and provide some financial assistance at this stage,” the mother added.

“Ssekitoleko told me he didn’t recieve any coin from government by the time he left. Yet he left a pregnant needy wife, l am shocked that at CID they’re telling him to refund gov’t money.

“I don’t know whether he got that money later but I doubt whether my son can leave us to starve if government had given him the allowances.”

City lawyers Philip Munaabi and his colleague Turyamusiima Geoffrey are seeking bail for Ssekitoleko. They hope he will be granted bail on Saturday.

“As an athlete who had gone to represent his country on national duty, despite all his misgivings and shortfalls like any other person would be, he deserves justice and to be treated like anyone else who has come back in his country,” says Munaabi.

Ssekitoleko is expected to be brought back at Kibuli CID Headquarters on Saturday morning at 9:00 am for more interogation and hopefully he will have a chance to talk to the lawyers and family.

Previously Ssekitoleko represented Uganda at the 2018 Commonwealth games in Sydney, Australia. He took part in the 2019 All Africa games in Morocco and at the Africa Weightlifting Championships in Kenya where he won a bronze.

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