Olympics: Halimah Nakaayi riled by Ssekitoleko’s Ordeal.

World Champion Halimah Nakaayi is cursing the manner in which concerned authorities have handled Julius Ssekitoleko’s traumatic ordeal.

The weightlifter, currently langushing in custody at Jinja Road Police station, is paying the price for his botched disappearnce in Japan.

His dentention has provoked wide spread condemnation with many calling for the release of the 20-year-old.

“It hurts that he is in the hands of police,” the World 800m Champion told UOC media.

Nakaayi has decried the untold suffering athletes go through while representing the country.

“We sacrifice a lot to represent Uganda. He (Ssekitoleko) wanted to find a better life. When people see us taking flights, they think our lives will get better,” added Nakaayi.

Nakaayi raring to go ahead of 800m event.

Halimah Nakaayi’s epic victory at the women’s 800 final at the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha was a feat of unimaginable proportions.

The feat decorated Nakaayi as Uganda’s only second female world champion. She shot into lime light since her heroics in Doha and having qualifed for the 2020 Olympics games, the spot light will shine brighter on Nakaayi’s exploits.

“I am in good shape to compete favourably”, Naakayi, whose personal best is 1:58:04 told UOC media.

Her Dutch coach Addy Ruiter has spoken glowingly of the middle distance runner saying that she is just peaking in her a career.

If Nakaayi’s dream of winning a medal at the Olympics comes to fruition, she will become the first female Olympic medalist for Uganda.

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