Magogo, Kabushenga Go Bare Knuckles After Micho Appointment

Story by The-BuzzNation, sister website to The-SportsNation

A social media bout erupted between FUFA President Moses Magogo and former Vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga.

It all started when Kabushenga quoted a FUFA tweet announcing former Cranes coach Micho as the new manager for a second spell.

Kabushenga asked FUFA if they had paid his money since it was the reason he had parted ways with the national team in 2017.

Kabushenga took it further telling Micho that he hoped his money was fully paid and if not maybe he was coming as a volunteer.

He further advised him not to come making noise to the media again if he doesn’t get paid this time round.

This saw Magogo come in for himself and not wait for the FUFA handler to reply Kabushenga.

Magogo told Kabushenga that since he was the country head boy, they would pay Micho through his bank account.

This saw Kabushenga reply in a more angry tone telling Magogo that his stupidity is not a badge of honor he should carry around.

The war is included below between the two elephants although tweeps sided with Kabushenga in majority.

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