Arua Hill: Outgoing Coaches Feel Betrayed After Mbabazi Appointment

Arua Hill has asked Mbalangu and his staff to remain at the club but work as Mbabazi's assistants!

Hussein Mbalangu and his backroom staff have expressed their discontent to their Arua Hill bosses after the club moved to appoint Livingston Mbabazi as the new Head Coach.

The-SportsNation has exclusively learnt that Arua Hill has asked Mbalangu and his staff to remain at the club but work as Mbabazi’s assistants!

Mbalangu and company, in a letter seen by The-SportsNation feel betrayed and embarrassed in the way they were treated after helping the side earn Uganda Premier League promotion on first ask.

Mbalangu was assisted by Joseph Kiwanuka, Ivan Ntambi (goalkeeping coach), Robert Omoni (trainer) and Bosco Onama last season.

“Honestly, the appointment of another manager (with the same role) in a department I have headed for a full season and held for the past 10 years of my career without my consent is not only a sign of lack of trust by the administration but we shall be exposed to a risk of jeopardizing our coaching brand identities like someone who is testing the depth of a river,” reads a letter in part, seen by The-SportsNation, to Arua Hill Sports Club Chairman Joel Aita.

Arua Hill assistant coach Joseph Kiwanuka. Arua hill photo

The coaching staff still have running contracts and have asked their former pay masters for compensation.

“By putting in consideration the offer you presented to me concerning my future, I am kindly requesting that the administration looks into our contracts for possible compensations and if where applicable any club promotion token according to the promise be granted,” he adds.

“We shall gladly swallow our pride and sacrifice all that we used in laying this foundation because I understand this principal of success.

“We shall be grateful to leave the club with our heads held high and our management team is willing to draft and deliver a positive PR statement concerning our situation.

“We shall always remember and cherish the special memories with the Kongolo family. We shall individually take all the experiences of both highs and downs with us during our stay with this beautiful family though it’s sad that you learn more about a person at the end of your relationship than at the beginning.

“We are kindly, asking the administration to make a decision in response to this matter for both parties to amicably move on.”

New man in charge – Livingston Mbabazi. Courtesy photo

Mbalangu, representing his staff, said that Mbabazi his successor should be aware of the situation they are going through at the moment because its the “same scenario happened to him while at Kyetume FC with his then, technical director (Jackson Mayanja).”

Mbalangu and co helped Arua Hill sportingly earn a place in Uganda Premier League after finishing top of Elgon Group in FUFA Big League.

Notably, the ‘Kongolo’ who beat Paidha Black Angels 4-0 on last day of the season at Barifa playground, finished the season unbeaten with eight wins from 14 games.

Mbalangu revealed that it was not an easy task at all to take the job at Arua Hill in the first place.

He stated: “It is with this concern that we all accepted to sign contracts regardless of a significant drop in salaries.”

“To the extent of using the same resources (salary and bonuses) to clear our accommodation dues, feeding expenses, and financing our outside support staff (ie) personal analysts for upcoming fixtures especially on away basis, all catered by ourselves.”

“After taking over, we had to exhibit a high level of professionalism by exemplary leading the whole team to success amidst several challenges like poor recruitment of players leading to Squad imbalance and Undisciplined players.”

Arua Hill previously traded as Aziz Damani Doves All Stars FC before rebrand.

The club has made a couple of signings in this ongoing transfer window with Ivan Eyam from Mbarara City FC the latest signing.

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