Team Uganda Secretariat Distances Self from Ssekitoleko’s Mishap

Team Uganda Secretariat has distanced its self from weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko’s troubles at the 2020 Olympics.

According to the detailed statement from the Secretariat in Tokyo, there was no irregular collusion of the Games officials in Ssekitoleko’s travel and disappearnce in Japan.

Team Uganda Secretariat say that because of Ssekitoleko’s proven international ranking, he was selected to train in Japan pending final pronouncement of the IWF on their final list of qualifed athletes.

The Team Uganda Secretariat, in this part, was countering back to wide spread queries of how the weightlifter was on the plan to Japan despite not qualify for the games.

“ln this regard, Mr.Ssekitoleko being one of the athletes, breached this code and this case will be duly handled in line with the due process, by the appropriate relevant organs with the rules and regulations of the Sport,” the commique reads in the part.

The Team Uganda Secretariat, among others, consists officials from Uganda Olympics Committe and National Council of Sports.

Ssekitoleko’s troubles began after he absconded from camp in Tokyo and vanished in thin air only to re-appear four days later.

The intention for his disappearnce was to search greener pastures according to the written note he left behind.

He was deported back to Uganda and has been detained at CID offices for close to five days until he was released mid week.

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