General Fungu Throws Down Gauntlet on Golola

Hamza Keeya, nicknamed General Fungu, has issued a challenge on Moses Golola for a kickboxing fight.

The challenge comes in the wake of Golola’s loss to South Sudan’s James Majok on Sunday.

“Golola is a comedian and I am going to beat him,” said Fungi. “He is still a kid and I do not know whether he is ready to fight me.”

“I fought with Majok in 2018 at MTN arena and I beat him after five rounds in K1 style.

“That’s why Golola made a mistake to fight with Majok before consulting us. We should have showed him how to fight with him because he is tall and energetic. Me fighting with Majok, it was abrupt I wasn’t prepared but I won, but Golola prepared for him and he was defeated.”

“Golola doesn’t want to fight with us because he knows he will not survive. I trained Golola and gave him some of the techniques along with Twaibu Mayanja and Musa Batantu.

“We gave him the techniques on how to defeat Mugula. But I didn’t give him all the techniques and I learnt that from the Late Zebra Mando not to give out everything.

“I was with the late Mando for a long time before his death, he wanted to see me defeat Golola Moses and Ssemata Umaru and I want God to see me reach my dream and I will dedicate the Victory to the late.”

Fungu who prefers to call himself the ‘General of the Ring’ has nine fights including a rematch victory against Sharif Bukenya.

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