All Set for Much Anticipated Paidha Derby

Paidha is heated with one of the biggest derby in the community as Regional League side Paidha Black Angels will take on 5th division side Paidha United at the Bar Okoro Stadium on Sunday 11th October in a friendly match.

The aim of the match between the Rivals is to raise funds for Paidha Black Angels and promote unity and togetherness among the two clubs.

The Paidha clubs have been exchanging players in recent years including the Paidha Black Angels CEO Adebo Jerry who played for both clubs.

The Blacks executives will also face off with The Comrades Executive in the curtain raiser prior to the main match at 4pm.

It should be noted that both clubs host their league matches at the Bar Okoro Stadium in the heart of Paidha Town.

The friendly match comes at a time when teams in Alur kingdom are preparing for the 5th Edition of the annual Ubimu Cup (Kings Cup) to mark the King’s annual coronation anniversary of his Royal Highness Ubimu Olarker Philip Rauni III that will be hosted at the Bar Okoro Stadium from 22nd to 23th October.

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