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SC Villa To Take Criminal and Civil Action Against Former CEO Shawn Mubiru

SC Villa are set to take criminal and civil action against their former CEO Shawn Mubiru, the club has confirmed.

SC Villa recently replaced Mubiru with Brenda Nambalirwa who was later rejected by FUFA for taking Football matters to court, before zeroing down on Muhammad Bazirengedde.

SC Villa said that they are conducting an audit into the club financial notes which were submitted by Mubiru but which “were found to be wanting.”

SC Villa Interim Committee Chairman William Nkemba, in a letter to FUFA, added: “The club has made repeated calls to him (Shawn Mubiru) which have gone unanswered and the club made a decision to commence both criminal and civil action against his person.”

SC Villa were tasked to settle all the outstanding dues of the former employees and also submit the payment plan for all the outstanding dues of the current employees including players before November 13 if they were to receive this season’s licence.

Villa responded to FUFA: “The club is conducting an audit to establish the truthfulness of the financial notes (not accounts) submitted by Mubiru Shawn the former CEO which were found to be wanting.

“We pray that by date of the deadline these are completed so that we avail this information to you as this is partly a state issue.”

SC Villa Gives Stand On Other FUFA Conditions

Uganda Premier League record winners SC Villa have pronounced themselves on some of the terms given to them by the Federation before acquiring a license to take part in the FUFA Competitions.

SC Villa were left out of the 2021/22 league fixture after failing to pass the FUFA Licensing process, mainly Governance.

Consequently, after a back and forth between the club and the Federation, Villa were given a couple of conditions they had to first fulfil to be included on the league fixture.

They were to hold to comply that they shall hold elections of the Club President and the Executive Board not later than Saturday November 13 2021.

In response through a letter from Villa Interim Committee Chairman William Nkemba, the club has said that the issue will be addressed by a Club Congress which will be held on Saturday.

“The club called an extra ordinary assembly due to take place on 23rd October in which this matter will be addressed,” Nkemba wrote to FUFA.

“The club is mindful of the powers of the congress in those statutes and this being a matter of elections on which the congress has powers, your concern will be put to them and their decision communicated to you accordingly.”

The club were also tasked to submit a Documentary evidence in compliance with article 37 of the Sports Club Villa Statutes not later than Saturday 13th November 2021.

In response, Villa said that “since there is still time and there is a coming sitting of the club congress, which has the right to dicuss the company among other issues, we will take the approproate steps to have them delivered once they become available.”

FUFA said that if Villa fails to comply, they will
continue to be excluded from the 2021/22 Uganda Premier League fixtures.

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