Focus on Safety Ahead Of Much Anticipated Sexy Speed Rally

NRC Leaderboard

  1. Duncan Mubiru – 350 points
  2. Hassan Alwi – 280
  3. Fred Busulwa – 270
  4. Omar Mayanja – 260

The organisers of the Sexy Speed Rally have emphasised on safety and security going into the final round of the National Rally Championship in Jinja.

Dubbed the Sexy Speed Rally, the decisive event which is organised by Motorsport Africa Club (MOSAC) due November 26-27 in Jinja.

Clerk of Course Shafic Matovu said that the name (Sexy Speed Rally) was adopted just to attract the Youths as they target massive vaccination during the event.

He added: “We have had a few incidents in motorsport but they are inevitable. In this particular event of the sexy rally, the name is to attract the youth and hence get vaccinated. By doing that, we would like to reduce on the spread of Covid19.

“What we have improved on in the current status of safety is that we have brought in two direction arrows where the rally cars are going to pass so that drivers are not going off the road.

“We have also sensitized the locals and employed some of the defence teams to help in safety of the event. We see the conditions that our country is going through, we are going to have very strict security measures especially at the beginning of the rally and at the service park that is Mwiri Primary School and Source of the Nile respectively.”

Clerk of course Shafic Matovu

He revealed that there will be tight security which will also ensure that people do not crowd.

He urged fans to have safe places to watch from before adding that there will be Vaccination points set at all viewing points.

On Tuesday, the rally was officially launched where a couple of sponsors – Movit, Lato Milk, Fire and Safety Aplliances Limited, and Marine Time Company – confirmed being on board.

They join Victoria University and Premier Recruitment who are the co-main sponsors, and about four other sponsors will be unveiled in Jinja on Wednesday.

The Ruparelia Rally crew of Rajiv Ruparelia and Enoch Olinga controversially won the the penultimate Kabalega Rally last month.

All eyes will be on Duncan Mubiru who will be targeting at least 40 points to claim the National Rally Championship title this year after an extended season.

One of the cars during the launch at Uganda Olympic Committee

The Sections:

The sections that the rally is going to go through are Dolly Mubarak to commemorate the late driver and it will have 15km on Kamuli road.

The other section is the Muko Brown which is also on Kamuli Road to remember the Best Assistants from Eastern Motor Club.

Premier Recruitment section has also been put in place to to thank one of the sponsor – This will come through from Wandago to Magamaga (29km).

The Last stage of the four sections is called Victoria University from Magamaga and comes out at Kakira Sugar Plantation 19km.

The sections to be repeated are Muko brown and Premier Recruitment. The whole rally is 229km but the competitive part is 151km.

The Season Winners Per Event

February 2020: Mbarara Rally (Mbarara Motorclub) – Duncan ‘Kikankane’ Mubiru/Musa Nsubuga

March 2020: Jinja Rally (Eastern Motorclub) – Hassan Alwi/Joseph Kamya

April 2021: Ssembabule Rally (Southern Motor Sport) – Duncan ‘Kikankane’ Mubiru/Musa Nsubuga

June 2021: Kassanda Rally (Uganda Motorclub) – Jas Mangat/Joseph Kamya

August 2021 NRC5/ ARC 5 (Pearl of Africa Rally) – Cancelled

October 22-24 Kabalega Rally (UMOSPOC) – Rajiv Ruparelia/Enoch Olinga

November 2021: Jinja Rally (MOSAC) –

Pictorial – Best Photos During Launch



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