When the president of the Chilean football federation was portrayed as a clown

Football is a sport that goes far beyond what happens on the field. However, for those things that happen within the field itself, it is possible to make bet Kenya on 1xbet.co.ke, which offers countless gambling options. In Amazon Prime, there is a serial called El Presidente (The President).

Of course, this show is not about politics. The main character in this serial is Sergio Jadue, who is a totally real individual. He was portrayed by Colombian actor Andrés Parra in this show. During his tenure as the head of the Chilean football federation, it was a really good idea to make bet on 1xBet Kenya in all things related to football.

Jadue’s origins

Sergio Jadue became known in Chile as the president of the football club Unión La Calera. This is a small club that, while staying in the first division for most of its existence, it constantly struggles to not be relegated. Here is where Jadue’s path crosses with the one of another individual called Jorge Segovia. He was the president of Unión Española, a bigger club in the country, and he was running to become the president of the Chilean football association. Those who look for all kinds of sport live bet scores on 1xBet can bet on Chilean football and many other competitions.

However, due to very complicated occurrences, Segovia was unable to run for president. Therefore, he needed a puppet. Someone that he could control at his will. Here is when Sergio Jadue is asked to be a candidate for the football association himself. During his tenure, making all kinds of live sport bet scores on 1xBet was really a great idea to execute.


Jadue’s tenure was successful in sporting terms. During those times, those who were able to wager on the 1xBet Android app probably observed that two very important things happened:

  • the obtention of the first Copa América title ever for Chile in 2015;
  • and the obtention of the Copa América centenario during the year 2016.

However, a crisis of enormous proportions was brewing behind closed doors. It turns out that back then, the FBI was investigating lots of board members of FIFA and of many federations across the world due to money laundering crimes. Jadue became a crucial part of that scheme.

Later, the investigation became public, and many presidents resigned and needed to face trial in the United States. Jadue too. In a scene that is still being remembered today, Jadue was seen at Santiago airport, about to take a flight to the United States, being escorted by policemen, stating that he was going “to have some vacations”. Those who obtain the 1xBet app Android can enjoy excellent chances to wager on the Copa América and many other football tournaments.



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