The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) competitions disciplinary panel has made final decision on the Blacks Power Vs Proline FC match.

The Big league game ended prematurely as early as the 38th minute when Proline failed to maintain the minimum number of players required to be on the pitch for a game to go on.

FUFA CDP has allocated all the three points to the hosts Blacks Power with a goal difference of 3 goals as Proline lose the game 3-0.

Proline who face difficulties with licencing issues had only travelled with 9 player to face off with Blacks Power at the Akii Bua stadium in Lira but in the due course goalkeeper Sharif Magoola got injured and replaced by Mukisa Yusuf in goal.

Joseph Mandela who had just returned from injury was also stretched off due to another injury and could not continue with the game.

Mukisa Yusuf recieved a nasty head injury and was rushed to hospital for treatment leaving the team with just 6 players who couldn’t be allowed to play as they failed to make the minimum number of 7.


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