The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has held a tentative meeting with the women football clubs who play in in the women super League and the women elite league at the FUFA complex in Mengo.

The Women Super League will kick-off on the 5th of February and the Elite league will kick-off on the 12th February.

The meeting has been based mainly on issues of club licensing which comes with some added new rules as we are still affected by the pandemic.

The FUFA third vice President Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi who represented FUFA in the meeting took an appreciation post to the efforts made by the club’s in promoting women football.

“As FUFA, we really appreciate the efforts made by all clubs in promoting and developing Women’s football. There are consorted efforts to make sure the game is taken to another level and therefore, having formidable and competitive Women Leagues is one of our key areas of focus in this term.” Said Nakiwala.

The FUFA competitions director Aisha Nalule was also part of the meeting as she guided the clubs on the new rules as she cited that it’s not a punishment but their aim is to help the club’s turn into professional teams

“FUFA Club Licensing is not a punishment to clubs but this is a tool to help our clubs turn professional. Some of the standards we are setting are for the good of the game. When we ask for good pitches, this only helps our players to perform well,” said Aisha Nalule.

The new rules and regulations will require all clubs to have players with both national Ids and passport with matching details

Some of the new rules and regulations

•All green pitch for both FUFA Women Super League and FUFA Women Elite League teams.

  • Ids and Passports for all players in the FUFA Women Super League.
  • National Ids for all players in the FUFA Women Elite League.
  • Minors must have consent letters from parents/guardians.


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