Dr. Ashraf Ahmed Disappointed With Motorsports Federation

The 2008 National Rally Champion Dr Ashraf Ahmed has expressed his disappointment with the current leadership of Federation of Motorsports Uganda.

Ashraf has been a common figure in the rallying fraternity since 2007 and he is among the two re-known proffessional doctors in the sport together with Dr. Godfrey Nsereko.

For the past four years, Ashraf under Ali Medical Centre has been offering free medical services to all rally drivers and motorsport riders.

But the FMU recently ordered drivers not to go for free medical checkup at Ali Medical services but rather go to and get the services at UMC Victoria hospital which is under their own Ruparellia group of companies at a cost of Sh441,000

But how can you leave out a free offer and go to pay 441000? Is this realistic? Whats behind it? Is it ego?

Doctor Ashraf lifted the lid: “Someone thought of making money as a kickback so Ali medical centre has been offering free medical services to drivers and there is no way we can give a kickback to some officials of the federation that want us to do so? We cannot.”

“I dont think rally drivers are happy to spend almost a million shillings for a driver and co-driver.”

Ashraf and his co-driver Shameer Yusuf missed the 2022 season opener in Mbarara because his co driver had an emergency but has promised to be back in the fourthcoming Jinja Rally in march.

“I was supposed to leave for Mbarara and that has always been our favourite race but a night before my navigator’s wife was taken ill. There was no way I could get another navigator last minute and thats why we had to withdraw.”

It should be remembered that it was the late Charles Muhangi who last won the Africa rally Championship in 1999.

Dr. Ashraf believes it might take Uganda a very long time to repeat this history.

He commends Yasin Nasser and Ponsiano Lwakataka for the selfless support and investment to the game of motorsport.

“With the greed amongst many in the rally fraternity and the type of cars together with limited resources, it will be hard for Ugandans to win ARC again and it has been long over due.

“Muhangi, God bless his soul and Emma Kato with Riyaz Kurji who invested in the sport and had a good heart thats why Uganda used to go places.”

“Apparently I also commend Yasin Nasser and Ponsiano Lwakataka that other rally drivers can even call them at least for old tyres and they do give. If we are to compete with the Kenyans that have better cars, we have to work together as a team.”

It should be remembered that Ashraf survived death in 2016 when his car overturned!

Jinja rally is coming next on the FMU Calendar from 11th-13th March in Jinja with Ponsiano Lwakataka still leading the log having scooped Mbarara rally in January.



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