SMACK League: All Set For Season Five Grand Finale

Arguably one of the best get-together events in town, the SMACK league will climax its fifth season with a grand finale on Sunday at Legends grounds in Lugogo.

Powered by Guinness, the networking event has managed to pool the Alumni of St Mary’s College Kisubi for the past five years tussling it out in football matches organized bi-weekly on Sundays.

For season five, 18 matchdays have so far been played by the 20 teams in the League, and on Sunday 13th of November, an eventual winner will be declared after matchday 19 action.

Talking about the event, SMACK League CEO Hillary Ainomugisha said this edition has been unprecedented, with the incorporation of ladies into the teams and a record number of teams (20) participating.

“This finale is one that we have prepared for a long time. All teams ready to rumble for their final spots on the table with the Block Owners and the Zulus of course vying for the top spot,” said Ainomugisha.

“We have 20 teams this season and we have not had that many teams before, we have had ladies play in the teams, which has also never happened before, on addition to making the event to a family fun day. I urge you guys to come out on Sunday.

“This finale will be celebrating a successful end to a very exciting season, we have big plans and are doing it in style.”

Table leaders Zuluz (Class of 2009) with 40 points come Sunday will be playing 11th-placed OutKasts (Class of 2009) in a must win match, if they are to finish ahead of their tight competitors -Block Owners.

Block Owners (Class of 2002) are second with 39 points, one behind Zuluz and in their final match, they face Class of 2004 -Devils-, who are 13th on the log.

Jimmy Ocuku, Block Owners’ Vice Captain- boasts of a star-studded side to upset the Devils, and any point dropped by the Zulus will be picked by them with gratitude, to match home victors.

“Eighteen games down and we are still up there fighting for the trophy. Any slip-up by our rivals, we shall pounce up and emerge winners. All the games have been exciting and we’ve played an entertaining game all through.” Ocuku said.

“We know our game, we know ourselves, we have been the same team for a very long time, and winning is just natural for us.

“We hope that our rivals lose a point, and we shall be champions. We have a lot in common with our Sunday opponent, the Devils because we are close in terms of the years we were in school, so it’s a friendly game but it won’t be friendly on Sunday since we want the title.”

Block Owner’s Pepson Kulubya leads the top scorer’s chart at 17 goals, but in a tight contest against Zuluz’s Ronald Mujuzi with 15 goals.

Windows, Class of 2003, Ojara Douglas with 11 assists is the favorite to walk away with the Top Assister’s prize, having his closest competition from Block Owners duo Dungu Steven and Pepson Kulubya at seven assists.

Elizabeth Mutamuliza

Guinness Uganda Brand Manager Elizabeth Mutamuliza assured the brand’s commitment to delivering an epic climax, and why the league is very important for the brand.

“I am sure you can all attest to the enigma that the SMACK League has been this season. We have watched the league morph into a social phenomenon from just the Old Boys of St Mary’s College Kisubi playing football to a social event that has brought many together,” said Mutamuliza.

“This in particular has been a joy for us because the league has not only grown, but it has also cemented itself as arguably the biggest old boys’ league in the country giving us the opportunity as Guinness to interact with our consumers during the match days.”

“ So, this Sunday as you have heard from our partners, we have big plans for you guys, it is going to be an epic climax to a riveting season.”

The league is an initiative that was started by the old boys of St Mary’s kisubi as a way to network. It has since transformed into a social event attracting Kampala’s party lovers who flock to Legends bar in Lugogo every other Sunday.

Other season five sponsors include Dstv, Jibu, Soccanett, Cavendish University, Stone Castle Inn, and Sanyu FM among others.

Season Five Teams include Zulus class of 2009, Block Owners class of 2002, Mafias class of 2011, Knights class of 2017, Vendors class of 1999, Bushmen class of 2001, Window class of 2003, Cyclones Class of 2013, Lycans class of 2015, Outkasts class of 2005, Gladiators Class of 2016, Devils class of 2004, Tsunamis Class of 2010, Vikings class of 2014, Pirates class of 2012, Mama Teo class of 1990-97, Kiama class of 200, Elite class of 2008 and Zimbaz class of 2006.



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