Ogwang Challenges Highly Funded FUFA to Produce Results

State Minister for Sports Hon. Peter Ogwang has urged the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) to start producing good results given that they are highly funded by the Government.

Ogwang made the remarks while addressing at the National Sports Forum for all Aports Federations heads that was held at NCS on Tuesday at Copper Chimney in Lugogo.

From the Shs 47 billion allocated to the Sports Sector, FUFA takes the Lions share of Sh17bn while the remaining 52 associations share the remaining 30 billion.

In the third quarter of the concluded Financial Year, FUFA had their Sh5bn ring-fenced of the Sh6bn give out, meaning Sh1bn was shared to the other Federations including a couple who received nothing.

But the results, starting with the National Men’s team, the Uganda Cranes, remaining.

And this has been evident as the Uganda Cranes team dropped in the FIFA rankings from 89 to now 92.

While speaking at the event, Ogwang said that he now needs results from FUFA given the pressure from the government.

“From the government side, I am on pressure and I’m happy Edgar Watson (FUFA CEO) is here,” said Ogwang.

“The pressure is results. We need results because all other federations are complaining that I am giving you a lot of money but the results are not coming out.”

For over the years, others sports Federations have blamed NCS for giving FUFA more funds.

Even with that funding, many have always criticized the national team, the local league for giving back poor results plus even the lack of facilities in the country.

And recently, Uganda Cranes had to host their AFCON 2023 qualifier games away from home in Egypt and Cameroon, since the country had no approved stadium on CAF and FIFA standards.

“The results are declining and declining. For my side, I want to see results. Why aren’t we qualifying for AFCON?” Ogwang added?

“Edgar is my friend, the Federation president (Moses Magogo) is my brother, but now am in my office speaking as a Minister. And you must account.”

“They blamed me for Namboole because it’s not yet finished, and I have apologized.
Everyone is not happy, if you won in Tanzania, why not in Cameroon or Egypt.’

They went on to loose to Tanzania 1-0 in Egypt and also lost to Algeria 2-1 in Cameroon, putting Cranes qualification chances in disarray.

FUFA Takes Ogwang’s Message in Good Faith

FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, in an interview, said that they have received the message and will be putting pieces together to see that on-pitch Results for the senior start coming in.

“The message has been very clear, as Government is supporting the Federations, they need to see results. That must be on and off the field,” Watson told The-SportsNation.

“He (Ogwang) asked us for qualification. I have received the message and ready to tell it to players that Ugandans yearn to see a positive result in AFCON.

“We still have the belief that we can still qualify, we are still in the tournament we will reach the Finals.”

FUFA believes that other Federations should a pick a leaf from how FUFA has come to earn what they are earning at the moment.

“I believe the other Sports Federations before the end of the resolution had an idea that FUFA was receiving a lot of money, the Sh17bn from Government which would be very unfair for other Sports,” Watson added.

“In our representation, we highlighted that the president and the Minister today mentioned that the Government is just starting to support the Sports fraternity. What is being supported the actual support that Government can give.

“It’s just the start and we hope that Government can come in more and more.

“We believe that Government can fund us more.

“One of the key things is to meet the standards, reporting is very key, on what has been reporting on the payments that have been made to the athletes and all the areas where funds are coming from.”



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