Seruzi Crowned Champions of SMKA/Funfit Soccer Gala

In an electrifying weekend showdown, Seruzi emerged as the undisputed champions of the Funfit Soccer Gala, an event generously sponsored by SMKA Property.

Their remarkable journey to victory culminated in a stunning 3-0 triumph over the host team, Funfit (B), in the climactic final.

This resounding win served to underscore their impressive run, which included a deserved 2-0 victory over Mapike in the semi-finals.

At the heart of Seruzi’s success was the exceptional performance of their key player, Lubega Muko, whose exceptional skills and determination earned him the prestigious Most Valuable Player Award.

The Funfit Soccer Gala, a collaborative effort between SMKA Property and Fun Fit Sports Club, served a noble purpose beyond the thrill of competition.

It was a platform designed to identify and nurture budding soccer talent. With participation from a total of eight teams—Mapike A, Mapike B, Seruzi, Funfit A, Funfit B, Legends, Shell Club, and Mbuubi—it created an environment ripe for talent discovery.

In recognition of their invaluable support, SMKA Properties, the dedicated sponsors of the tournament, were honored with a Certificate of Appreciation.

The remarkable success of this event was a testament to the unwavering dedication and collective effort of everyone involved. From the diligent organizing committee to the spirited teams, passionate spectators, and benevolent sponsors, each played a vital role in making the gala a resounding triumph.

Beyond the realm of athletic prowess, the Funfit Soccer Gala served as a powerful catalyst for fostering unity and togetherness within the community, enriching the bonds that tie its members together.

Looking ahead, SMKA has pledged to persist in their support of initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and promoting community cohesion. Their commitment, especially toward the youth, reflects a profound desire to cultivate a brighter future for all.



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