Netball, Boxing To Refund Unaccounted For Funds – PAC Report

The Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) and Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) have been tasked with reimbursing misappropriated funds they received from the National Council of Sports (NCS).

This directive follows a recent recommendation from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The report issued by the PAC calls for both federations to be held responsible for the mishandling of funds and requires them to repay the money within six months from the adoption of the report.

The report specifically highlights the Uganda Netball Federation’s failure to provide any supporting documentation for the utilization of UGX. 139,347,810 earmarked for accommodation expenses during the pent series tournament at Safari Hotels Namibia.

It also points out that the Uganda Boxing Federation could not account for UGX. 5,400,000, which was purportedly paid to Ready Markets Agency Ltd for catering services.

Additionally, the Auditor General noted discrepancies in the invitation letter from Netball Namibia, which indicated that the hosts would cover all expenses for the She Cranes in Namibia. This contradicted the receipts provided by the Federation for accommodation expenses at Safari Hotels Namibia, casting doubt on the transaction.

Regarding boxing, the Auditor General identified questionable accountabilities totaling UGX. 5,400,000, submitted by the Uganda Boxing Federation for catering services from Ready Market Agencies Ltd. An investigation revealed that the service provider had no record of any transaction with the Federation and did not offer catering services.

Furthermore, the Federation claimed to have rented tents, chairs, and tables from “Tents 4 U Ltd” for UGX. 3,500,000, but the service provider disavowed any receipts from the Federation, suggesting false claims.

The President of the Boxing Federation acknowledged dealings with both Ready Market Agencies and “Tents 4 U Ltd,” but these arrangements were informal, lacking proper procurement procedures.

In a surprising turn, the proprietors of Ready Market Agencies could not substantiate the receipts presented, and an admission from the former Federation Accountant, Ms. Namuleme Agnes, confirmed that she had forged the accountability documents.



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