Photos: What You Missed At Guinness Match-day Extravaganza

Football enthusiasts were treated to an electrifying extravaganza during the Guinness Match Day screening at Fast Sports Fusion Bar and Restaurant over the weekend.

The venue transformed into a haven for hundreds of fans, boasting strategically placed TV screens indoors and outdoors, ensuring everyone had the perfect spot to witness the intense matches.

The meticulous planning for fan comfort was evident, ensuring an immersive experience throughout the night.

Guinness Brand Manager, Roy Tumwizere, emphasized the brand’s commitment to uniting the football community in an enjoyable and engaging environment.

Amidst a sea of passionate faces adorned in various team jerseys, the venue buzzed with excitement fueled by flowing cold Guinness, regardless of match outcomes.

NBS Sport’s Munira Bux, the lively match day host, and her team kept the energy high with interactive breaks, offering fans the chance to win exclusive Guinness merchandise through games and trivia.

The entertainment soared as Vanessa and the Band captivated the audience with soulful tunes, setting the celebratory mood beyond football.

Later, Azawi took the stage, delivering a mesmerizing performance of her hits, ending the night on a high note with memories to cherish.

As the clock struck midnight, the day culminated in cheers, a lingering taste of Guinness, and a treasure trove of unforgettable moments.



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