Fortebet Excites Katosi, Nearby Areas

In less than a year, Fortebet once again expressed appreciation by rewarding its patrons with incredible gifts.

This time, the Fortebet team, led by the company’s Brand Ambassador, Alex Muhangi, brightened the days of Mbalala, Katosi, Namawojjolo, Kisoga, and Nkokonjeru with an array of freebies, including smartphones, jerseys, T-shirts, and caps, among other items.

Most notably, Fortebet extended its support to Katosi fishermen by donating life jackets worth millions of shillings, emphasizing the crucial need for safety along the Lake Victoria shores.

Following the handover of the jackets, Muhangi advised the recipients, stating, “You’re aware of the risks involved when venturing into the waters, especially during turbulent times. Fortebet aims to assist you by providing cautionary support. Please ensure to wear a jacket whenever you enter the waters.”

Overall, over 1,000 individuals received generous gifts from Fortebet.



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