Allan Nsubuga: Villa’s Scouting Head Draws Interest from Rival Clubs

In the world of football, a battle for talent often extends beyond the pitch, and Allan Nsubuga Magunda, renowned for his multi-faceted expertise in scouting and video analysis, finds himself at the center of attention.

Reports have emerged linking Magunda, currently serving as the Head of scouting and recruitment at Villa, with potential moves to Rwanda’s Sunrise and a couple of Uganda Premier League Clubs.

Nsubuga, recently, worked with new Crested Cranes coach Sheryl Botes in Morocco during the International Friendlies.

What makes this potential departure intriguing is Nsubuga’s unique position; despite not having a formal contract with Villa, he remains committed to the club due to the trust he places in Club president Hajji Mandela and his unwavering affection for his beloved Villa.

When probed for a comment, Nsubuga remained focused on the current season’s objectives, stating, “For now, I am focusing on helping Dusan and my Club to get back to our glory days. Maybe at the end of the season, I might think about my future.”

His journey in the football realm has seen him closely aligned with influential figures. Having worked extensively with former Coach and confidant Mike Hilary Mutebi, Nsubuga briefly contributed as an analyst under former Cranes boss Jonathan McKinstry.

He ventured to Jackson Mayanja’s KMC in Tanzania before reuniting with Mutebi at AS Kigali. His return to Villa under Jackson Magera marked a homecoming, having previously worked under Mutebi during Counsel Muwema’s reign.

This battle for Nsubuga expertise highlights the crucial role of non-playing staff in modern football clubs and underscores the importance of talent scouting and video analysis in shaping a team’s success.



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