Sports Uganda Limited UK Moves To Promote Quadball in Uganda

Sports Uganda Limited UK has partnered with Quadball Uganda to bolster sports diversity and promote conservation efforts in Uganda, solidifying their collaboration through a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The signing ceremony took place at the Chic-ka-dees Pre-school in Kitala, Entebbe, graced by key figures such as Arnold Sserukeera, head of operations at Sports Uganda Ltd UK; John Ssentamu, General Secretary of Quadball Uganda; and Emmanuel Kamugisha, a conservation manager at Lukango Tree Conservancy, among other officials, both physically present and online.

Introduced in Uganda around 2018 in Masaka, Quadball’s progression was hindered by the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Sserukeera emphasized, “The partnership signifies a significant stride towards expanding the horizon of the world’s Best Barefoot league.”

“The inclusion of Quadball alongside established sports like football, rugby, volleyball, and others reflects our commitment to diversify the games menu. We’re thrilled to welcome Quadball into this esteemed fold.”

John Ssentamu, General Secretary of the Uganda Quadball Association, highlighted Quadball’s inclusive nature, stating, “This partnership is a landmark moment for our sport. Quadball’s versatility provides opportunities for individuals who may not engage in traditional games.”

“Our aim is to introduce Quadball to diverse communities, creating avenues for domestic and international competition. This initiative extends beyond sports; it’s about holistic preparation for our youth and communities.”

Andrew Byekwaso, Director of Sports Uganda Ltd UK, expressed gratitude and outlined future initiatives via remote connection: “We’re privileged to have the support of our Conservation Partners from Lukango Tree Conservancy. Together, we’ll commemorate the Indigenous Tree Planting Day on April 15, 2024 (ITD24).”

“Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a comprehensive sports ecosystem, leveraging the social, economic, and physical benefits of quality physical education, sports, and traditional games.

“Our flagship initiative, TheBestBareFootLeague in the World (#TBBFL), remains our driving force into the New Year. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce the globally recognized game of Quadball in partnership with Quadball Uganda within our spaces.”

The convergence of Sports Uganda Limited UK and Quadball Uganda signifies a dynamic synergy aiming to amplify sporting opportunities and foster environmental awareness and holistic development within Ugandan communities.

This collaboration sets the stage for a promising future where sports, conservation, and community development intersect, ensuring a positive impact on the youth and society at large.

Did you know?

Quadball, previously known as quidditch, is a rapidly growing competitive sport played worldwide by individuals of all ages, evolving from its origins in the Harry Potter series in 2005. It stands as one of the few mixed-gender full-contact sports, played in over 30 countries and governed by the International Quadball Association (IQA).



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