Wales 57-45 Uganda: False Start For She Cranes

In a thrilling showdown at Cardiff’s House of Sport on Wednesday, She Cranes lost 45-57 to hosts Wales in their first of three-Test series.

The Welsh Feathers secured sweet revenge, overturning a previous defeat at the hands of Fred Mugerwa’s Uganda at the 2023 World Cup, where they lost 73-56 in August last year.

After the game, the She Cranes coach Mugerwa expressed disappointment in their performance, stating, “We played badly, but I would say that there are certain calls made against us, especially when we were trying to catch up. Some fouls were being manufactured by the umpire, I think.”

“But generally, we played badly, and we have to rectify our mistakes in our remaining two games against this team.”

The Sport in the Country suffered a big set back after NCS withdrew the certificate of recognition from Uganda Netball Federation, and it’s the Normalisation Committee currently in charge.

The She Cranes players haven’t been active since the World Cup, with no league being played back home.

They missed Versatile Hanisha Muhameed who wasn’t released by her team and will also not be available for the remaining two games.

The She Cranes also travelled in two batches to the United Kingdom.

The intense clash sets the stage for the upcoming battles, with the second and third meetings scheduled for Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Uganda, having finished fifth in the recent World Cup, is using this series readies themselves to face formidable opponents in Australia, England, and New Zealand in the upcoming Nations Cup.

She Cranes Starting 7:
Mary Nuba š‘Ŗš’‰š’š’š’‰š’š’Œ (š‘®S), š‘¬š’šš’‚š’“š’– š‘°š’“š’†š’š’† (GA) š‘µš’‚š’Œš’Šš’šš’–š’š’ˆš’‚ š‘ŗš’‚š’“š’‚š’‰ (WA), š‘©š’‚š’‚š’ˆš’‚š’š’‚ š‘“š’‚š’“š’ˆš’“š’†š’• (C), š‘Øš’…š’–š’š’Šš’‚ š‘­š’š’š’“š’†š’š’„š’† (WD), š‘µš’‚š’Œš’Šš’•š’•š’ š‘Ŗš’‰š’“š’Šš’”š’•š’Šš’š’† (GD), Kš’‚š’…š’š’š’…š’Š š‘­š’‚š’“š’Šš’…š’‚š’‰



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