Myles Manry: The Dream of Uganda-Born Teenager in the US

In a heartwarming tale of passion and determination, 15-year-old Myles Manry, originally from Uganda and currently based in the United States, aspires to don the jersey of the Uganda Cranes, representing his homeland on the international football stage.

Born in Uganda but relocating to the United States at the tender age, Manry’s connection to his roots remains strong as he nurtures the dream of wearing the national team colors. Despite growing up in the U.S., he harbors a fervent desire to contribute to Ugandan football.

In a recent interview with Sports Nation, Myles shared a glimpse of his journey and aspirations. “My football journey here in the US has been evolving for the past two years. I’ve competed at the highest division level in my state and played for renowned academies like Vardar Academy and Columbus Crew Professional Academy,” he revealed.

Drawing inspiration from football icons such as Neymar Junior, Ronaldinho, and Lionel Messi, Manry expressed his admiration for the sport. “Neymar Junior, Ronaldinho, and Messi inspired me to join football, especially Neymar; I love his skills; he’s so talented. My dream is to represent the national team of Uganda and eventually turn professional,” he passionately stated.

Despite the geographical distance from his birthplace, Myles Manry carries the pride of being Ugandan and dreams of making an impact on the football scene, bringing his skills and dedication to the Uganda Cranes. As he continues to carve his path in U.S. football circles, Manry remains steadfast in his pursuit of representing Uganda at the highest level, turning his childhood dream into a potential reality.



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