FUFA Sends Arua Hill To Big League

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has reinforced its stance against Arua Hill Sports Club for persistent breaches of club licensing regulations.

Despite efforts to meet the requirements to stay in the Uganda Premier League 2023/24 season, the appeal made by Arua Hill has been dismissed by the FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee (FCLAC).

A letter addressed to the club from the FUFA Deputy CEO in charge of football, Decolas Hantali Kizza, elucidated the committee’s decision. It stated, “FUFA appreciates your effort to fulfill Club Licensing Requirements to participate in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League 2023/24.

“Your request has not been considered by the FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee (FCLAC). The FUFA Club Licensing Appeals Committee has noted that Arua Hill Sports Club has continuously violated its obligations under the FUFA Club Licensing Regulations.

“The decision of the FUFA Club Licensing Committee is therefore upheld. The club is therefore advised to prepare for Club Licensing in the Men’s second division league for the season 2024/25.”

Arua Hill Sports Club, previously known as (Aziz Damani) Doves All Stars FC, had secured promotion to the 2022 Ugandan Premier League after emerging as victors in their Elgon Group during the 2021 FUFA Big League.

This was achieved after the club underwent a change in ownership in 2020, with Joel Aita taking the helm.

Reports suggest that the club’s failure to meet various mandatory requirements, particularly in governance, including issues surrounding ownership, has led to the decisive action taken by FUFA.

Speculation surrounds the ownership situation, as Joel Aita had previously indicated on social media that he had sold the club, though details about the new proprietor remain elusive.

The timing of this decision presents a significant setback for Arua Hill who were scheduled to commence the second round of matches at home against Vipers, a game that was not held.

With their appeal dismissed and the directive to prepare for the Men’s second division league in the forthcoming season, Arua Hill now faces a challenging period of restructuring and compliance to regain their standing in Ugandan football.



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