• August 15, 2020

Tags : Moses Golola

Century Fight: Golola Victorious As Semata Retires Hurt

Moses Golola managed to beat Umar Semata by a technical knockout in a pulsating fight held at Freedom City’s Auditorium, Namasuba. The fight that started half past midnight went for just three rounds instead of the planned five after Semata ‘threw in a towel’. Watch Video – Golola Punches Journalist Semata had won the first […]Read More

Golola Punches CBS Journalist In Heated Press Conference Ahead Of

There were ugly scenes in a press conference held on Wednesday at Sheraton Hotel ahead of a much anticipated Kick-boxing fight between Moses Golola and Umar Semata. Motormouth Golola, self acclaimed ‘of Uganda’, had to be escorted out of the press conference and Sheraton Hotel after a stunt went wrong. After brief remarks from both […]Read More

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