Magogo, Muhangi Have High Hopes In New Minister Obua

FUFA and UBF heads Moses Magogo and Muhangi highly hopes for positive impact from newly appointed state Minister for Sports Hamson Obua.

Obua this week met with Federation heads in a National Sports Forum held at NCS to exchange ideas on how they are going together in order to develop sports in the country.

Obua promised to serve the entire sports fraternity equally despite his interest in Football.

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Magogo, while speaking to the press, commented:

“This Meeting is very important to the entire sports house, he (Minister) promised to hold this meeting on quarterly basis which is very important to us because they have been reaching decisions concerning us with out our knowledge but the meeting will help us to know what is about to happen before the decisions are reached.”

“Yes he is my personal friend and a friend to many in football, it is not by a mistake we planned to make positive friends so I encourage other Federations to adopt it. Yes he loves football, he played football but I know Obua as a man of character as he said he is here to serve Sports not only football.”

Muhangi gave his take on the meeting and his expectations from Obua, claiming that he has to give the Minister a benefit of doubt.

“He promised us as the entire sports fraternity and I hope him to do so, for the meeting it has been a good initiative, we have learn much, he promised to help us to secure corporate relationship which will be important, and we are hoping for positive impact.”

Obua will be meeting each sports federation (all the 51 affiliated to NCS) one by one.

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